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The WoNderful Wizard: Poem & Information on Narrative Healing


The WoNderful Wizard
by Lynn S.

At the end of the sky, so the legend is told,
Is a land full of hopes and a road paved with gold.
If you follow the road and you seek what is true
You will come to a palace that's emerald in hue.

Behind the great doors lives a wizard they say
Who grants all your wishes in his wizardly way.
One day came a girl with shoes of deep red.
She danced down the road , to the wizard she sped.

She'd heard he was wise, that his brain she could tap.
She'd lost her way home and she needed a map.
She knocked on the door of the palace so green.
As she walked down the hall, she felt just like a queen.
He gave her a meeting. She was glad for her luck.
Then before her he loomed and with awe she was struck.
"What is it?" he asked her. "How may I assist?
My time is quite precious, let's get right to your list."

His words were so tender, his face was so strong.
She said to the wizard, "I've searched for so long."
"I lost my way home and a map's what I need.
I know you can help me. You are wise, indeed."

At first he was silent and then his eyes flashed.
Wind gusted around him, like thunder it crashed.
"I know that you need me, but now you must go,"
He roared like a tiger and put on his show.
She shrank back in fear. "Who was this?" she wondered.
He seemed kind at first. Perhaps she had blundered.
She turned to escape and to her great surprise
She noticed a curtain. On it written was, "Lies."

She pulled back the fold and behind it he stood.
He was small, he was angry, he was up to no good.
He was pulling his levers, he would dart, then he'd dodge.
The wizard she'd seen had been just a mirage.

"Why, you're nothing at all like I thought you would be,"
She said with new strength, "You could never help me."
He stopped in his tracks and stood there debating.
"That may be, my dear, but I have a girl waiting."
"You'll have to go now so I must say good-bye.
I have much to do for the next new supply."
She wandered away more lost than before,
No map in her hand, no wizard to adore.

She walked down the road, not finding her way.
The bricks once so golden were broken and grey.
She walked on for miles and then came to a town.
The people were friendly, so she stopped and sat down.

"Hello," said a stranger. "What brings you this way?"
"I'm lost," the girl answered. "But I really can't stay.
I've been to the wizard, but that didn't work.
I'm more lost than ever, and he was a jerk."
"I see," said the stranger. "You need search no more.
We all know the wizard. We've been there before.
The map that you're seeking is inside you, my dear.
We'll help on your journey. You can get there from here.

So stay for a while. There's no need to wonder
What happened back there. It's a spell you were under.
We're all here to listen, we've all had to roam.
So dig in your red've found your way home.
© 2003

This was the first poem I wrote based on familiar story shortly after I joined the NPD forum back in 2003. Myth, symbol, and story articulate our experience in a unique way. Extraordinary work by several authors and psychologists has been written relating Fairy Tale and myth to psychology. Below you will find a collection links relative to the power and influence of narratives and fairy tales in our lives.

What Is Narrative Healing?


“Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story.” --Don Miguel Ruiz

Once Upon a Time
How Fairy Tales Shape Our Lives:
by Jonathan Young

Inside Journal magazine - Fall 1997


"There is much we can learn by reflecting on the stories heard in childhood. Magical characters such as the Pied Piper, the talking frog and the fairy godmother are likely to remain in the imagination for a lifetime. The adventures these stories describe often reflect challenges we face in our journeys. The tales hide a wealth of insights just below the surface. They are clearly more than mere entertainment for children."

"...Poet William Stafford had a favorite image. He said that the work of creativity is to "follow the golden thread." Something catches your attention, a feeling, an image, an idea, the events of a moment. The challenge is to pay attention to that subtle urge and follow it gently. We must roll out the golden thread with care or it will break. Opening ourselves to greater significance in familiar stories requires a certain tenderness of spirit. The notions will be fragile at first. We must hold them gently for a time until they deliver their message to us. The effects of what we learn might well last for a lifetime. "

Mythology in Psychotherapy:
An Interview with Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
By Joseph R. Dunn, Ph.D.
PsychJournal Volume III, Number 2, (Second Quarter, 2002)


"Psychotherapists have always worked with stories. That’s what clients bring us - the accounts of their journeys. To some degree we are helping them with an editing process. Therapy is, in part, a literary endeavor. We are showing clients how to write their tales. They are deciding what kinds of roles they play and how to situate themselves within the plot. We sometimes call this reframing. We help them with the narrative flow of their life experiences. Introducing a mythological literary perspective is just deepening what is already going on. "


Sites Dedicated to Fairy Tales and Story

Journal of Mythic Arts:


"JoMA is published by the Endicott Studio, a nonprofit organization dedicated to literary, visual, and performance arts inspired by myth, folklore, fairy tales, and the oral storytelling tradition."

Blog from JoMA: Fairy Tales and The Healing Journey from Endicott Studios:


"Myths and fairy tales can play an important role in overcoming childhood trauma. Just as symbolic figures in nightly dreams reflect the realities of our waking life, the symbols to be found in fairy tales and myths (which are the collective dreams of entire cultures) provide useful metaphors for grappling with the hard truths of our existence."

Healing Through Visual, Literary and Perfomance Arts:


"Sometimes, though we are intellectually aware of probable reasons for painful struggles in our lives, we remain detached from our true feelings. The creative arts have an amazing ability to help us discover and connect at gut level to the emotions and feelings that are very difficult to reach analytically."


NOTE: I would like to especially acknowledge the following two beautifully constructed sites. The Fairy Tale annotations and collections of Fairy Tale Art found on them were instrumental in helping me develop the content for these pages.

SurlaLune Annotated Fairy Tales:

Fairy Tale Art:


Other Fairy Tales Sites:

Fairy Tale Articles from Suite101:

Meghan's Fairy Tale Pages:

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