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Hoovering: Hansel & Gretel

Jerrold, Walter, editor. The Big Book of Fairy Tales. Charles Robinson, illustrator. London: Blackie & Son, [1911] and can be found at SurLaLune

Hansel & Gretel

By Lynn S.

Hansel's in the forest prancing through the leaves.
Gretel's by his side, tugging on his sleeves.
He insists they're happy; soulmates to the core.
Hansel's feeling smug. He's really just a bore.
One day Gretel's failings made Hansel feel bereft.
His first thought was to hoover some supply from those he left.
He thought, "I've got their number," and so he made a call,
But Hansel only found himself conversing with a wall.
The kids weren't all that happy that he choose to intrude.
The exwife laughed and just imagined Gretel in the nude,
Running through the forest with Hansel right behind.
This was all she needed to find some peace of mind.
"Sorry, I can't talk," she said, then bid "Adieu".
Neutral she remained, and Hansel hung up blue.
Turning to the kids, she said, "This too shall pass."
Hansel may have Gretel. He's also got some brass.
Go back into the forest, dear Hansel, if you could
Your fairy tale is getting old, but we knew that it would.
Your family's fine without you. In fact, they've filled their cup.
So go run after Gretel. By the way, can you keep up?

 © Original: 2004, Update: 2007

"The best way out is always through."--Robert Frost
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